As for the other reliquary-vase, it is unfortunately no longer possible to identify for which saint this reliquary was made since the relic itself has disappeared. The vase has a similar form, but noteworthy is the niello on the knop of the stem as well as at the top of the cover representing fleurs de lys, rosettes and checks. More intricate than the previous one, this reliquary is no doubt also more recent.


Oignies workshop
post- 1243 – c.1250 (glass: Egypt or Byzantium, 12th century)

Metal (not specified), gold, glass
25,5 cm h cm, 9,4 cm ø

Donated by the Sisters of Notre-Dame de Namur

Musée provincial des Arts anciens du Namurois-Trésor d'Oignies (TreM.a)
Inv. no. TO 15