Double-armed reliquary cross

Made in silver and decorated with several pearls and precious stones, this reliquary holds pieces of the True Cross. On figurative nielloed medallions we can distinguish images of an eagle (symbolising Saint John), the Virgin, Saint John, Saint Nicholas, a lion (symbolising Saint Mark), a bull (symbolising Saint Luke) and an angel (symbolising Saint Matthew). The cross cannot be dated with certainty, but it was definitely made by Hugo.

Double-armed reliquary cross

Hugo d’Oignies (Attribted to)
c. 1228 –1230

Wood, silver, gold, precious stones
64 x 24,5 cm

Donated by the Sisters of Notre-Dame de Namur

Musée provincial des Arts anciens du Namurois-Trésor d'Oignies (TreM.a)
Inv. no. TO 06