Historical tradition would have us believe that the bishop buried at the priory of Oignies in 1241 and the owner of the mitres that form part of the Treasure of Oignies were one and the same person, namely Jacques de Vitry, a religious dignitary and patron, who died in Rome in 1240. Such affirmations, however, have never been proved or disproved. To get to the bottom of this theory, the Archaeological Society of Namur, with support from the King Baudouin Foundation, has launched the CROMIOSS scientific project, which involves crossover research in history and exact science on the mitres and remains of Bishop Jacques de Vitry.

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Microscopic analysis of the cloth mitre - January 2017

Bone analysis using Carbon-14 dating - November 2016

Determining the sex of the skeleton said to be that of Jacques de Vitry - March 2016 (video in FR)

Attempting to estimate the age at death of the skeleton reputed to be that of Jacques de Vitry - March 2016 (video in FR)

Study of animal remains found in the sarcophagus of Jacques de Vitry - March 2016 (video in FR)

Opening the tomb of Bishop Jacques de Vitry in the Church of Oignies - September 2015 (video in FR)