Large tower reliquary of Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas of Myra was the patron saint of the Priory of Oignies, so it is normal to find reliquaries relating to him. By its dimensions, this tower reliquary is the most important in the treasure. In its architectural conception, it makes a complete break with the aesthetics of the reliquaries created by Brother Hugo. Here, we are dealing with a work that is totally Gothic. The three dragons on which the reliquary stands and the niello of the reliquary foot that recounts the legend of the saint are worth noting.

Large tower reliquary of Saint Nicholas

Oignies workshop
c. 1260

Copper, gold, silver, rock crystal
69 cm H

Donated by the Sisters of Notre-Dame de Namur

Musée provincial des Arts anciens du Namurois-Trésor d'Oignies (TreM.a)
Inv. no. TO 22